Junior Tennis Programs – Summer

Summer 2018


Ages 6-16 all levels, players will be divided up by skill level.

June 25 – August 22 (except July 4th week) Monday – Friday 2 – 5 pm

  • Weekly: M $200 NM: $220
  • Drop-in: M $50 NM: $55
  • Supervised by USPTA or PTR certified instructors
  • Players will be divided into groups based on skill set
  • Instruction on all facets of the game
  • Fridays: Last day of camp is designed for game/match play!
  • Campers in summer camp programs will have a 15 minute snack break each day. Please bring your own snacks; vending machines are also available.

Academy CampAges 17U, Intermediate-Advanced Yellow ball

Monday – Friday 12 – 2 pm

  • Weekly: M $150 NM: $175
  • Drop-in: M $40 NM: $45


Tuesdays June 26-August 21

Minions (Beginner Red 3, 8U) 5-6 PM

  • June 26: M: $13.25 NM: $17
  • July: M: $66.25 NM: $85
  • August 7-21: M: $40 NM: $51
  • Drop-in: M $20 NM: $25

Tomato Slicers (Intermediate Red 2), Red Smash (Advanced Red 1), Orange Crush (Int.-Adv. Orange 2 &1), Green Slam (Int.-Adv. Green 2 &1) 5-6:30 PM

  • June 26: M: $20 NM: $25.50
  • July: M: $100 NM: $127.50
  • August 7-21: M: $60 NM: $77
  • Drop-in: M $30 NM: $35


  • Prior registration is required.  Register by calling or visiting the front desk.  Online registration via our MNTC Portal coming soon!
  • All payments will be accepted, processed and finalized the first day of the program.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early on the first day to facilitate payment and fill out forms.


MNTC Master Series Saturdays

Saturday supervised match play for points!  1 point for every match played, 3 points for every match won.  Player with the most points won in each color ball will be named the “Master Series Champion” at the end of the summer & receive an engraved plate.

May:  19 & 26          June:  16, 30            July:  21 & 28         

  • Red 9-10 AM, Monthly: M: $20 NM: $30   Drop-in: M: $15 NM: $20
  • Orange & Green 10:30-12 PM, Monthly: M: $30 NM: $40   Drop-in: M: $20 NM: $25
  • Yellow 12-1:30 PM,  Monthly: M: $30 NM: $40   Drop-in: M: $20 NM: $25

*Intermediate-Advanced Players & Classes: Tomato Slicers, Red Smash, Orange Crush, Green Slam & Academy

MNTC Junior Champions Ladder

May-August 2018

What is it? 

We believe competitive match play creates realistic situational play that prepares players to compete under pressure.  MNTC’s Junior Champion Ladder will allow juniors to apply their skills learned in practice, independently identify their strengths and weaknesses, problem solve, and build character and integrity through the valuable experience of winning and losing.“In terms of playing ability there is nothing to choose between number one and 100. Instead, it’s a question of who believes and who wants it more? Which player is mentally stronger? Which player is going to fight the hardest in the big points? These are the things that determine who is the champion.” -Novak Djokovic

   MNTC Junior Development Program Ladder Rules:

  • In order to be included players must be at least one of the following:
    • Current member
    • taking lessons
    • Participant in at least one of our “Intermediate-Advanced Programs” (Tomato Slicers, Red Smash, Orange Crush/Green Slam & Academy. *Program participants are not required to join the ladder.
  • There are 4 ladders: Players can only be on one ladder. The color ladder is in accordance with USTA progression points.

Red Ball:  36×18 court, small net 2’9’, up to 23 inch racquet & red balls.  Format: 2 out of 3 tie-breakers first to 7 points (don’t have to win by 2).

Orange Ball: 60×21 court & 23-25’ racquet orange balls.  Format will be 2 out 3 mini sets to 4 (first to 4, don’t have to win by 2) games and a 10 point tie breaker for the third set, no ad scoring.

Green Dot Ball: full court 78x 27, 23’-27’ racquet, and Green dot balls. Format will be 2 out 3 mini sets to 4 (first to 4, don’t have to win by 2) games and a 10 point tie breaker for the third set, no ad scoring.

Yellow Ball: The format will be 2 out 3 sets to 6 games and a 10 point tie breaker for the third set, no ad scoring.

Begin with an official 10 minute warm-up, spinning of the racquet and GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP throughout.  Players must shake-hands at the end.

  • If you are joining the ladder for the 1st time you are added to the bottom. You can challenge players up to 3 spots above you. By accepting a challenge, you agree to play your opponent within 7 days of the acceptance.  If you deny the challenge the player who requested the challenge will be awarded your spot.
  • The “Challenger” must provide balls & reserve the in advance by calling the front desk 757-221-7378. Players may use the balls at MNTC if played at MNTC.  Junior members there is no additional court fee, Non-Members Court fee is $25 with a maximum of 4 times per year.  Players and parents are responsible for properly setting up and breaking down the nets for the red ball & tape lines for orange ball.   (There are black dots on the courts where the 60 foot orange tape lines should go.)  Matches may also be played at other courts outside of MNTC.
  • The winner is responsible for emailing us at mntc@wm.edu, with the score and date of the match. If you win your challenge match you will go above that player on the ladder.  If you lose you remain in your spot & cannot re-challenge the same player back for one week unless both parties agree to play before 7 days.
  • Only one challenge match may be issued at a time.