Match n’ Play

Match n’ Play Guidelines

Please reserve the court with the front desk prior to asking for assistance with finding partners to play and make sure that you communicate that you request singles or doubles.

In order to be listed on the Match n’ Play Contact lists, please make sure your contact information is up to date with the MNTC staff. The Match n’ Play Contact List will be used to match both MNTC member with players as well as Williamsburg-area guests.

In order to provide the MNTC staff ample time to accommodate your playing request, please allow the following:
For Singles, 48 hours advanced notice is required
For Doubles, 72 hours advanced notice, please make every attempt to find at least one other player for your reservation.

We cannot guarantee that we will find you a match, but we will do our best to serve you.  You will be notified/confirmed upon the successful or unsuccessful arrangement of a partner or partners for your court reservation the night prior if you are playing in the morning or by 2:30pm for reservations after 6pm on the same day.

Non-members are able to play at MNTC  four times throughout the year (11/1 to 10/31) without becoming a member.  The non-member rate, per match is $25. This applies to both singles and doubles matches.

Match n’ Play Program Coordinator: Mo Costantino.
Phone: 757-221-7378, Monday – Friday from 2 – 6 pm