Jimmy McCullagh (draft)

“I’ve been here for five years working at the McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center (MNTC). At first, I just came as a member; after about a year they asked me if I’d be interested in working here part-time and I said, ‘Yeah, I’d love to!’ It is two days a week, usually for a couple of hours, and I enjoy it. I’ve gotten to a point where I really love doing it. In addition to that, I get to play as often as I can or want to with different people – in fact, I play too much at the moment! I just love working here!

My job mostly involves dealing with little kids and helping them. For instance, if they fall over, they usually need a Band-Aid so I’m the one who runs over and gets them a Band-Aid. I sit with them and console them, or if they have to go to the bathroom I’ll walk them over. Stuff like that, just small things not major things.”

  1. Engaging junior players to love the game
  2. Glorified Band-Aid retriever
  3. Smile maker 🙂
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