MNTC Policies

Court Reservation Policy

  • To make a reservation call 757-221-7378 or visit the front desk.
  • Members may reserve up to 7 days in advance, non-members up to 3 days in advance.
  • Reservations are limited to 1.5 hours in length.
  • One advance court reservation can be made per day.
  • If there is an open court after you play you may reserve it the same day.
  • Reservations must include all participants’ names for safety purposes.
  • Voicemails and written notes left at the desk are not considered official court requests.
  • For 9:00 – 10:30 am reservations made 7 days in advance ONLY, priority is given to those in person (sign-up sheet at front desk) over phone calls.
  • Non-member court reservation cost is $25 per person and are limited to play 4 times per year. There are no limitations for attending programs, lessons and events.
  • If there is a holiday where the center is closed, reservations can be booked for the same day the following week.
  • Students may make reservations up to 3 days in advance at no cost. Student reservations made more than 3 days in advance cost $10 per player. All students must present a William & Mary ID upon check-in.
  • Specific court assignments cannot be guaranteed and a different court might be assigned based on the needs of the facility.

Court Cancellation Policy

If you do not call to cancel your court more than 3 hours in advance, or you do not show up for your court you will be charged a cancellation fee of $25.  Voicemails will be accepted for 9 and 10:30 am reservations only.  For all other reservations please call and speak to a front desk team member or stop by the front desk.


For safety purposes all players must check in at the front desk.

Court Entry and Exit

Players are expected to exit the court at the end of their scheduled court time, regardless of the match play status or score. In-coming players should wait until the completion of a point to enter a court, and not before the beginning of their reserved court time. If a player or team does not vacate a court at the appropriate time, please alert a staff member on duty.


Courteous and kind behavior along with proper tennis etiquette including language and good sportsmanship is expected at all times at the MNTC facility (courts, front desk, lounge, party area, parking lots, etc.). The USTA “Friend at Court” Handbook serves as the MNTC rules guide. Failure to follow these tenets may result in membership suspension or termination. Cell phones should be silenced and an “indoor” voice is expected at all times while on the courts. Wait for a point to end before asking for an errant ball to be returned. Dispose of all debris appropriately and pick up all of the balls. If you are the last reservation of the evening, please exit the court at the appropriate time.


If a scheduled lesson, clinic participation, court reservation, etc. must be cancelled, please call the front desk at 757-221-7378 to let us know.

League Play

League matches may receive advance booking time earlier than the standard 72-hour window and beyond the 1.5 hour court time. All appropriate league fees will apply. Members interested in joining a League should inquire at the front desk.


Proper tennis clothing and tennis-specific footwear must be worn. No street clothes, crop tops, aerobic attire, men’s tank tops or jeans allowed. No cross trainers, running shoes or other inappropriate footwear. Players not wearing the appropriate attire may be required to forfeit their scheduled reservation.


To keep our courts in top condition no food or gum is permitted on court.

Teaching, Coaching and Instruction

Only persons employed by William & Mary as a USPTA certified tennis professional or employed by William & Mary as a Tennis Coach or Assistant Tennis Coach are authorized to teach, coach, or conduct instruction at MNTC. Teaching, coaching, and instruction includes advising and/or assisting players, verbally and/or physically on court, regardless of remuneration. Individuals who violate this policy will have all membership privileges revoked and will be asked to vacate the premises immediately.

Club Court Usage

McCormack-Nagelsen reserves the right to schedule all courts as appropriate for club-sponsored programs (leagues, drop-ins, tournaments, team matches, socials, parties, clinics, group lessons, camps, etc.) or private group rentals. Every effort will be made to provide advanced notice and affected reservations or programs will be notified immediately. William & Mary tennis teams will have priority over all other functions and may result in last minute changes while the team is in season.

Refund Policy

If programming/lesson is cancelled a credit will be given.


Non-refundable. If strings were not installed properly, racket will be restrung at no charge. Can not be restrung at no charge if customer does not like the string type.

Court Time
If court time is cut short, a partial refund can be given if a fee was paid.

Dispute Resolution

McCormack-Nagelsen staff has the final decision regarding all dispute resolution. Failure to follow any of the above policies may result in immediate stoppage of play and possible membership suspension or termination.

Thank you for your cooperation. We hope you enjoy your tennis play at McCormack-Nagelsen Tennis Center.