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Stringing Policy

Bring your racket to the front desk. Select and purchase your string. Installation is included in string price.  We will call when racket is ready or you may pickup within 72 hours.

String Selection

Brand String Name Price Type Description
Wilson Sensation $30 Multifilament A comfortable playing string with a blend of feel and playability. It is known for its vibration dampening quality and is an arm-friendly string choice.
Wilson NXT $44 Multifilament The most popular multifilament string. It offers optimal comfort, touch, power, and feel. According to Wilson, NXT has a 10% increased sweet spot and 74% less vibrations.
Wilson Champions Choice $66 Natural Gut/Co-Polymer + Aluminum Fibers A hybrid of the two most popular strings on tour. It combines the power and feel of Wilson Natural Gut and the durability and spin of Luxilon ALU Power Rough (rough has more bite). For softer feel and playability use Natural Gut in the mains; for more durability use ALU in the mains. Roger Federer’s string of choice!
Wilson Natural Gut $64 Natural Gut Contains natural fibers that provide maximum power and tension maintenance. Strung as a full bed Natural Gut gives luxurious comfort and will add power and comfort to any hybrid.
Luxilon Element 125 $41 Co-Polymer Monofilament Has a soft texture perfect for players with fast and big swings. This string has remarkable precision and spin with the absence of vibrations. A great option for intermediate and advanced players looking for durable control strings with above average feel and comfort.
Luxilon ALU Power 125 $42 Co-Polymer + Aluminum Fibers The aluminum presence in the string will enable players to take a huge cut out of the ball without losing control. As a result, it generates massive stroke speed, which produces a combination of pace and spin. A great option for intermediate and advanced players who want control, spin and durability.
Luxilon 4G $43 Co-Polymer Monofilament Features a cushioned feel on impact, lending itself to excellent playability and adaptability to the modern game defined by power and spin. A great option for players who want the benefit of a control string without the high tension loss and impact shock.

If you already have your own string, we can install it for $20.

If you purchase a racket from our Pro Shop, you will receive a $10 discount on your first stringing.

Pro Shop

We offer a full service Pro Shop with rackets, overgrips, replacement grips and tennis clothing.

Replacement of grips is included for free with purchase.  


Version 9 Wilson Blades are in – Come demo today!

Version 8 Wilson Blades are 20% off while supplies last.

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available for purchase that can be redeemed for stringing, Pro Shop items, lessons and clinics.

Call the front desk at 757-221-7378 to inquire.